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Buying Engagement Rings at Geoffrey's Diamonds

Geoffrey's Diamonds is extremely pleased to offer the highest quality engagement rings to our customers. Our rings come from eminent designers such as A. Jaffe, Henri Daussi, Art Carved, Kirk Kara, Jeff Cooper, Simon G, Coast Diamond and Forevermark.

How to Pick a Ring

Our rings, from simple solitaires to those with intertwined split shanks absolutely encrusted with diamonds, come in a wide price range.

The Diamond

Our diamonds come in many classic cuts. They include:

  • Round Brilliant Cut: Perfected around the year 1919, the brilliant cut shows off a diamond to its maximum sparkle and brilliance. No matter how large or small, the brilliant cut round diamond has 57 facets. This is the most popular cut, but making a perfect round cut diamond requires a lot of skill.
  • Princess Cut: The princess cut is also square cut, but its corners are sharp. Because of this, it’s a good idea to place it in a prong setting to protect the corners.
  • Cushion Cut: As its name suggests, this cut is a square with rounded corners and is unusual because its bottom part, or pavilion makes up most of its weight.
  • Oval Cut: The oval shaped cut gives an illusion for the diamond to be bigger than it is. It is a good choice for someone wanting to make their fingers appear slender and long.
  • Emerald Cut: It is considered one of the rarest cuts of diamonds with its incredible vintage look. When compared to a similar carat round diamond, Emerald Cut Diamonds always appear bigger.
  • Marquise Cut: This somewhat oval shaped cut does the trick of making the diamond seem larger than it is. It was allegedly named after a mistress of a French King.
  • Asscher Cut: This cut is square with cropped as opposed to rounded corners and gives the impression that it’s full of nested squares when you look into it.
  • Radiant Cut: The radiant cut is a rectangular-shaped diamond cut in the brilliant style, which makes it really sparkle.
  • Pear Cut: Wear the pear-shaped diamond with the pointy end toward the heart.
  • Heart: This cut says everything.

If you’re shopping for a white diamond, the very best is completely colorless, flawless and has maximum fire. The cut and carat, or how much the diamond weighs is up to the couple.

The Setting

We offer a variety of ring types waiting for the diamonds you choose to place on it. They include halo, which is a large central stone surrounded by smaller stones; split shanks, with a central stone and shanks encrusted with gems and pavé, where smaller diamonds are arranged on the surface of the precious metal in a way that resembles a pavement.

Don’t hesitate to visit our stores in Campbell and San Carlos.

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