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  1. Angelique Band

  2. Angelique Band

    Handcrafted band from the Kirk Kara Angelique collection crafted with 0.41 carats of diamonds. (For non-standard sized center stones, platinum metal, or ring sizes over 8, please call for pricing.)
  3. Angelique Band

  4. Angelique Engagement Ring

    Angelique Engagement Ring
  5. Angelique Wedding Band

    Angelique Wedding Band
  6. Angelique Wedding Band

    Angelique Wedding Band
  7. Artin Men's Band

  8. Artin Men's Band

  9. Artin Men's Band

  10. Artin Men's Band

  11. Artin Men's Band

  12. Artin Men's Band

  13. Artin Men's Band

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Showing 24 out of 177 products

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If you're looking for a truly unique ring to present to your spouse-to-be, the Kirk Kara line of engagement rings and wedding bands is truly a collection like no other. With glittering diamonds, intricate engravings, and delicate adornments, each ring is truly a work of art. One glance isn't enough to capture all the details. Your spouse could examine their ring daily and still not capture every fine detail and engraving. And the custom designs and handmade engravings make each ring truly unique--not just another product rolled off the assembly line.


Kirk Kara's designs aren't traced, cast from identical molds, or made in an assembly line. Instead, each ring is hand-engraved by master craftsmen with years of experience in the industry. Some rings even feature custom designs, making them truly unique among the collection. But every ring comes with the special Kirk Kara touch--the hand-carved filigree and peek-a-boo diamonds that have become a hallmark of this iconic brand. These rings are made to dazzle, and your new spouse won't go anywhere without turning heads.


In addition to Kirk Kara's incredible artistry, each piece is also crafted with skill and precision. Each stone is carefully set under a microscope on a special four-prong base, ensuring that your ring will last for a lifetime. Only the most high-quality gemstones are chosen for each piece, with the stones carefully sorted and matched by our team of experts. Each stone is hand-cut to make it perfect for the ring. And our fine metals are strong and durable, ensuring the quality of your ring throughout the rest of your marriage.


In other words, Kirk Kara represents the ultimate in class, elegance, and luxury. Our richly adorned pieces are bold and striking, yet rest comfortably on your spouse's hand. Every angle of our rings is specially engraved and design to make a full work of art, not an incomplete piece that only looks good from the front. Our rings are more than just a symbol of your eternal love--they're a treasured keepsake that will be passed down across generations.

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